Football & Soccer Plugs

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Gooooal! With this very special kind of Flesh Tunnel Plugs you will definitely attract attention on yourself. No matter if it is European Championship or the World Cup - you will find any country flag in the shape of an ear tunnel plug here. Apart from all these country motifs there are various different football plug designs available as well. This way you will find the soccer tunnel plug of your choice even if you can´t decide which country flag to take.

Football Plug Earrings - Support Your Team

It is all about team work. The best way to support your football team at a championship is by cheering them on. Be it in front of a TV together with your friends or directly in the stadium. It will always help them to gain better results. To get the optimal cheer leader effect it helps to wear the colours of your team. That is where our country plugs join the game. Each of them is made of premium quality organic plastics which is free of pollutants. Additionally this special kind of plastics has been created especially to make piercing jewelry out of it. It has a special surface which is very smooth. This way viruses and bacteria are not able to survive on this surface. This protects you from inflammation of the ear.

Soccer Tunnel Plugs - Errings With Football Motifs

But even if there is no World Cup or European Championship taking place at the moment or if country flags are not your cup of tea you will have the chance to find your perfect football plugs here at anyway. Apart from various kicker motifs and ball designs you also have the opportunity to create your own football tunnel jewelry with our Custom Plugs. This way you can use any football motif of your choice and place it onto your tunnel plug. In this manner you will get completely unique plug earrings to support your favourite football team.