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Piercing rings for the nasal septum are available in a plethora of variants. Many of these rings that you can wear as septum jewelry are also suitable as piercing jewelry for other body positions. Nevertheless we want to show you the characteristics of the respective jewelery especially for the septum piercing.

Septum Piercing Rings - Your Way to Sexy Nose Jewelery

Whether you're looking for segment rings, snap rings or horseshoes - if you're looking for beautiful septum piercing rings, you're sure to get the right fit. Ever since the actress Scarlett Johansson had her nose decorated with a septum piercing ring, septum rings are growing in popularity also in Central Europe. As with all piercings, our range is also very large for the septum piercing rings. The shapes range from segment rings to clamping rings to horseshoe piercings.Here are no wishes left. Also with the materials you can choose from a large selection. Frequently and gladly bought by our customers are rosegold septum rings. Rosegold has a noble look and looks very stylish and wicked at septum rings. In addition to the rose gold-colored septum rings, there is also the classic silver and of course the black septum piercing jewelery. If you prefer it really noticeable, you are right in the strass rings. These piercings with multi-crystals are available in the clours yellow, white, turquoise, red, green blue, pink or violet. So you're guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher at every party.

Septum segment rings - The discreet jewelry without visible closure

Segment rings require a little practice with the insertion, but have the great advantage that you can not see the closure. This makes them particularly discreet and stylish. The good thing about the segment rings also is that they count to the so-called standard piercing jewelry. Therefore you can wear segment rings not only as a septum piercing, but practically for any body piercing use. This makes them incredibly flexible and gives you full freedom. Of course, you should thoroughly disinfect your septum segment ring if you want to use for another body site. Priono Piercing Spray for example is perfectly suitable for this reason. You can also buy it here in the shop.

Septum clamping rings - Nose jewelery with ball closure

Clamping rings, also referred to as ball closure rings, are also ideal as a septum ring. In this type of piercing, a small ball serves as a closure of the ring. Both the clamping rings themselves, as well as the balls which serve as the shutter, are available in various sizes. So you can wear larger or smaller ball closure ring jewelery in your septum piercing. With clamping rings, however, you are also not restricted to the use as nasal piercing. You can also use it for virtually any other part of your body. So you are very flexible in the usage of your jewelry.

Horseshoe-shaped septum piercing rings

As the name suggests, horseshoe-shaped septum rings are actually not really rings, but they are not completely closed. At each end there is a ball so that the piercing can not fall out. Horseshoes bring good luck, at least, if one may believe the people's mouth. Since basically everyone wants this it is already a good argument for buying a horseshoe septum ring. Apart from that the horseshoe-shaped piercings look super. If these arguments are not sufficient the various possibilities for which a septum piercing in horseshoe shape can might convince you. With piercings in this shape you are not only limited to the use of the piercing jewelry in the nasal septum wall. Septum rings in horseshoe shape can also be used for other body sites such as the navel, belly button, nipple or breast piercing.