Custom Fake Plug

Design your own fake plugs

You always thought of creating your own fake plug? No problem for us! We put your desired image on a fake ear plug. The piece consists of a steel barbell with 1,2mm thickness for your earlobe piercing. Rounded plates at both ends are fixated by a barbell and one external thread. That greatly eases the exchange of your jewellery. Your chosen design (motive or pattern) is printed on the front plate. The bigger the plate is the better the outcome. It helps to recognize and therefore enjoy the image. We are offering different sizes of 8mm to 14mm in diameter. Please consider the following steps:

Step 1: Material, colour and size

At first you can choose the most suitable material. You can decide whether to go for titan or surgical steel 316L. If you are suffering from a nickel allergy, we would advise to go for the titan fake plug. It is completely nickel-free and therefore convenient to wear. The query for colours lets you decide between black and silver. At the end of step 1 you decide whichever size of the plates you prefer.

Step 2: The ordering process

You can design as many fake ear plugs as you wish. If you have finished the first step you just have to put your created item into the shopping cart of Flesh Tunnel Shop. Please include your address of delivery in order to successful complete your order. Afterwards you will get an order number that is also incorporated into the sent confirmation mail. Please keep that number available. It is necessary for us to allocate your order and the received payment.

Step 3: Your individual design

The most significant step is reached. Here we need your desired image as an email attachment sent to our email-address: . Please include your name and order number. This makes it?s possible to match the order and image or to request further information from our customers.

Important information you need to imply:
  • image size please as big as possible
  • Original images suit best the demands of production
  • untreated images help us manage the processing
  • File-Formats: jpg, gif, png, tiff, doc, docx

Step 4: Manufacturing your individual ear Fake Plug

We're providing several established payment options. After receiving your payment we will commence the necessary steps for production. In order to match your incoming payment with your existing order, please let us know your name and order number. Since every item is tenderly handcrafted the production of your individual jewellery can take up 7 to 10 days. If our specialists finished your design fake plug the delivery will be instantly initiated.

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