Custom Plugs - unique flesh plugs for your ear

Design Your Own Ear Plugs

Everyone has his or her individual personality that is very unique. That´s why we thought it would be time for some flesh plug jewelry that is just as unique as you. Now you can find it here: The custom plugs. Design your own ear plugs with the picture of your best friend, your mother, your pet, an artwork made by you or your friend or anything else you like. Any motif is possible. This guide will show you step by step how it works.

Step 1: Chose the custom plug´s material, colour and size

As the first step you should select the material the custom made ear plugs will be made of, its size and the colour. We offer acrylic plugs in black and 316L - surgical steel plugs in black and silver. One thing is important: To make sure that your custom plugs will perferctly fit into your stretched earlobe piercing please make sure to know your current flesh plug size properly. You can buy our individualized plugs in all sizes between 3 millimeters and 508 millimeters.

Step 2: The ordering process in detail

Now just go on with putting your item into the shopping cart. If you want to order several custom flesh plugs just repeat the first step as often as you have put enough custom plugs into your shopping cart. Afterwards please just enter your address to finish. Afterwards you will get an order number which you will need later on. Don`t worry - we will send you this order number via e-mail as well.

Step 3: Send Your Personal Motif

Now you are almost done and can come close to the final step.: Send us your motif. Please always send it with your name and the order number to:

picture specs:
  • the image should be as large as possible
  • original images are the best
  • unedited images are prefered
  • please use one of the following formats: jpg, gif, png, tiff

Step 4: Manufacturing your unique custom ear plugs

Last but not least you just need to transfer the money via paypal or bank transfer. Just add your name and your order number to your transfer. This will help us to assign your payment correctly. After we will have received the payment we will start manufacturing the plugs(s). Because we individually produce your custom piercing jewelry by hand it might take between 7 and 10 days until it is ready. As soon as your individually designed plug(s) are ready we will ship it to you immediately.

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