4mm Flesh Tunnels and Plugs

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4mm Ear Tunnels and Flesh Plugs in 4mm - buy them here

4mm Flesh Tunnel

With your 4mm tunnels you are still in the first phase of stretching. You are still in a situation where your ear piercing can accrete completely because the histoid hasn´t been stretched so much yet. Therefore you should be careful when you remove your flesh tunnels because it doesn´t take a long time until it will accrete. It is always helpful to use tunnels that have a thread because the tunnel - margins prevent the earlobe piercing from accreting. In this size it can be also useful to wear ear stretchers instead of tunnels. As long as the earlobe piercing is small the ear stretcher will fit perfect and two O-rings can be used to secure the tapers in place. Because it is so comfortable especially in smaller sizes a lot of people wear tapers instead of tunnels also in their daily life. But the larger the piercing becomes the looser the ear stretcher will fit. So in larger sizes it is better to wear tunnels or plugs instead of tapers. An important fact about the 4mm Tunnels is that you shouldn´t skip this step of stretching because it can have negative effects if you stretch your earlobe piercing too quickly.