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The piercing ring is particularly popular in the piercing-szene. It can be worn at basically any part of the pierced body. The rings mostly consist of titanium or premium quality 316L surgical steel. They are often worn in places where there is movement and pressure. Therefore, they are very stable and longliving. But piercing rings are not only available made of different metals. You can also choose from a large range of premium quality bioflex (bio plastics) and silicone piercing ring jewelry here. These are available in a large variety of great bright colors.

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There are various kinds of different piercing ring jewelry. In the following description we would like to introduce you to the most common variations.

Most Common Kinds of Body Jewelry Rings

these are the typical piercing rings

Piercing rings are also very popular with women during pregnancy. By their pleasant and flexible form the rings offer a pleasant wearing comfort. Piercing studs are rather unhandy in this case. The material used for this kind of body jewelery rings is usually a flexible plastic (PTFE) that has been especially developed for piercing jewelry. Surgical steel or titanium piercings are usually too hard and stable to wear them during pregnancy. The stitch channel, stretched through the pregnancy, would no longer hold the metals. During pregnancy a BCR (ball closure ring) or horseshoe piercing made of bioflex plastics is optimal. The round shape allows the jewelry to move freely and will not hang anywhere. Moreover, it has no end pieces which might extend or even tear the piercing channel.

The Individual Piercing Rings Explained

Body Jewelry Rings and Piercing Rings

Circular Barbells / Horseshoe Rings / CBR

The shape of the horseshoe is slightly curved and can therefore be easily adapted to sensitive body parts. It is often used in the areas of the navel, the chest, the ear or the lower lip as well as in the intimate area. Different materials of the horseshoe components allow great combination possibilities. The rods are usually made of titanium or stainless steel, but are also available in silicone and bioflex. Balls often have great colorful colors or trendy patterns. Spherical cones are also used very often as end pieces, especially for usage in the area of the nose. In our experience many women like to use discreet circular barbells on the face while men like to choose BCRs in large diameters. Horseshoe rings are also used very often as the first jewelry for the nasal septum after the piercing has been made.

Ball Closure Ring (BCR)

The clamping ring, also called Ball Closure Ring (short BCR), is mostly used intimately in the areas of the chest, ear and nose. But BCRs are also often worn as septum jewelry as nose ring. The BCR is a round ring which is connected by a ball in the center. Here in our ball closure ring shop we offer them in different shapes such as rings, triangles and rectangles. Also in the area of the ear one can use BCRs perfectly. But also for Helix and Tragus piercing jewelry these rings are used quite often. You can choose from different colors and patterns of the ball and decide which material suits the best. Titanium is always recommended for initial use in order to speed up the healing process while the most colorful piercing rings are made from silicone or bioflex.

Segment Ring Piercings

The segment ring is used mainly in the areas of the chest, nose, lip and also as nipple piercing. As a Nostril-Piercing it is often worn in the nose wing. More and more people are using it as an eyebrow piercing or lower lip piercing as well. Segment rings and clamping rings are designed very similarly. In general the shape is the same, but the segment piercing ring closure is shaped like the rest of the segment ring while with the clamping ring the closure is a piercing ball. With segment rings the pin has the same diameter and the same length as the ring. Thus the segment and the ring form a regular circle. Steel or titanium is particularly popular with regard to stability. But the segment ring clicker would be very stable anyway because of its robust design.

Body Spirals & Twists - select your favourite one

The spiral is a piercing with a bent rod, which has attachments at both ends. The spiral shape is particularly popular in the area of the bottom lip (lower lip) as it surrounds the lip once. It is also very often used as an eyebrow piercing or in the intimate area. Labie and Frenulum are two piercings with which one likes spirals. Furthermore, it is also used as tragus jewelry. The material used for this kind of jewelry is premium quality 316L surgical steel. The balls often consist of colourful surgical steel as well or they are made of organic plastics which makes the spiral rings even more extraordinary.