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Stainless Steel Tunnel

Stainless Steel Flesh Tunnels

Flesh Tunnels describe stretched piercings in your ears. They?re also called lobes, tubes or simply flashs. Any tunnel found here is fabricated of steel. But we don?t talk common steel. The steel used is highly alloyed stainless steel, also called surgical steel 316L. The name results from the application in hygienically sensitive environments like hospitals and medical offices. Sizes range from 1,2mm to massive 50mm in diameter. Our workpieces are finished in various ways. The broad range of details runs from a black or silver basic colour to items with blue, red, green or pink crystals and flesh tunnels with certain shapes like an iron cross or a centered star.

Stainless Steel Flesh Tunnels usually can be defined by the way they are attached to the earlobe. Double flare tunnels have a slight concave bulge at the outside. Single flare flesh tunnels have a concave bulge at one side and a holding rubber band at the other. Nevertheless most steel ear tunnels are equipped with an external thread that helps the insertion of the jewellery.