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Acrylic Tunnel

Synthetic and Acrylic Flesh Tunnels

Aside the classic black or silver flesh tunnels that belong to the absolute basics of nowadays piercing culture, brightly coloured flesh tunnels made from synthetics like acrylic are the stars of this section. As well as tunnels made from steel or titan, acrylic tunnels mostly comprise internal or external threads. Another big advantage to consider is the light weight you get. It also supports allergy sufferers in their buying decision towards a new acrylic tunnel. Since acrylic being such an easy-to-handle material, the resulting colour spectrum of Flesh Tunnel Shop is unmatched. Next to that there are manyfold shaping options like hearts, stars, triangles or gearwheels at Flesh Tunnel Shop.

For our lovers of a glamerous style, we?re happy to present you some fine crystal embedded flesh tunnels. Along the line of goods, our ear tunnels in pearl optics are absolutely trendy and a definite eye-catcher. For fans of classical appearances Flesh Tunnel Shop offers various double flare acrylic tunnels.