Tragus Body Jewelry

Tragus Piercing Jewellery

Far from being a traditional ear piercing, tragus piercings have been increasing incredibly in popularity over the last two decades. What this piercing lacks in cultural and historical significance, it makes up for in sheer asthetic attitude.

This is one piercing that works well for both men and women, and can be combined with any style thinkable. No more prominent than a lobe piercing, tragus jewellery can be as discreet and subtly stylish as you need, or the complete expression of a true rocker's style - and everything else inbetween.

Tragus - Ear Jewellery

Tragus Jewellery in the Ear

The tragus is the small area in front of the ear canal. Generally, this area of the ear tends to be a little smaller and fatter than the rest of the outer ear, and given the area's size, it's really important for this piercing to be done by a pro. The tragus will bleed a bit more than other piercings and has a tendency to swell, too. For you, this means that the best choice for your initial jewellery is a longer barbell to encounter the swelling. You might find that a ring is a little more painful than a barbell as a first choice of jewellery after the piercing.

Healing and Care

Before you can start changing your body jewellery, you have to ensure the piercing is fully healed. As the tragus is a piercing quite close to the ear canal, it's definitely worth taking care to keep the area clean and disinfected. You should be prepared to clean the area around twice a day with mild disinfectant at first. It's usual for a bit of crust to develop as the wound heals, but don't worry - you can just clean this away with some luke-warm water. Try to resist the urge to play with the piercing and move it around when it's new, as this could actually prevent a swift healing. You might also find it helps to sleep on the other side, as a night spent sleeping on a fresh piercing will ache the next day! Provided it's properly taken care of, you can reckon with a full healing between 2 and 12 months.

Tragus Body Jewelry

It might be one of the younger piercings to come into fashion, but the designs for tragus jewellery are no less innovative than any others. You'll find you're stuck for choice! Designs range from barbells, circular rings and ball closure rings in all colours and metals, as well as those with crystal finishes, right through to jewellery to express each and every mood possible. Embellished with animals, musical clefs, flowers, cherries and more, you're sure to find body jewellery to meet your style.

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