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tongue piercing jewelry

The tongue piercing is one of the most popular piercings. In most cases it is placed vertically into the middle of the tongue. But it can also be pierced into the front part of the tongue.

All you need to know about the tongue piercing

According to reports of spanish conquerors it had been already very popular for native american people in central america to pierce their tongues. They already did it in the 16th century. It has been part of a religious ritual and was meant as an internal cleansing and oblation. As part of the ritual they also had been putting jewelry into the freshly pierced tongue. But they didn´t wear the tongue jewelry permanently but only for the religious ritual. Even today there are still ritual ceremonies were the tongue and other parts of the body are pierced. Probably the most famous example for this is the "Vegetarian Festival" in Thailand. Being in trance state the participants use different objects like knifes, guns, saws and other things to pierce their cheeks and other parts of their bodies. All this is part of a necromancy. By the way you should never do this at home.

The first documented tongue piercing as part of a fashion trend is dated to the year 1978. It has been made by Heinrich Streckenbach who also invented several other tattoo and piercing techniques. Since the 1990s the tongue piercing has become more and more popular especially in the techno and music scene. Various artists like Keith Flint (The Prodigy) or Melanie Brown (Spice Girls) are said to have contributed to the spread of tongue piercings. But the tongue piercing is not only used as a fashion element. Engineers of the University of Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new remote control which helps paraplegics to control their wheelchairs. This remote controll is so small that it can be mounted on tongue piercing jewelry. This way it becomes much easier for these people to drive their wheelchairs.

Tongue barbell or tongue ring - select your favourite tongue jewelry

Most people prefer barbels as jewelry for their tongue piercing. But tongue rings are also possible if the piercing is placed in the front part of the tongue. Barbells are available in different variations in our shop. Apart from the classic surgical steel, piercing jewelry is also available in Bioflex plastics. Bars and rolls that fit together are available in different colours and shapes. This way everybody can customize his or her own favourite piercing jewelry.

How to clean and care your tongue bar properly

Tongue piercing - the piercing process itself

The piercing process itself should be done while "the patient" is sitting. As a first step the piercer will have to mark the entry point and the exit point of the piercing needle. Afterwards the tongue will be fixed by using clamping tongs. The last step will be piercing the tongue using a venous catheter. The most important thing is that the piercer must avoid to violate the frenulum during the piercing process. It is also important that the piercing bar is positioned in a way that the teeth won´t be damaged by the piercing jewelry. As with all other piercings especially tongue piercings should only be made by piercers having a lot of experience.

Healing process of a tongue piercing

After the tongue is pierced it will swell for some time in most cases. Because of this a barbell that is much too long is used as the first tongue piercing jewelry. After some days, when the swelling has subsided a shorter bar can be used. This way the wearing comfort will be much higher. The reason for this is that with the shorter tongue bar it won´t be possible to bite on the piercing bar by mistake. The healing process will take between 3 and 6 weeks in most cases. After the healing process is finished a lot of people use bioflex piercing jewelry. Most dentists also recommend this because with bioplastics you do not risk your teeth to be damaged by the tongue jewelry. There is large selection of bioflex piercings in different shapes and colours available in our piercing shop.

Care of tongue jewelry

Piercings in the mouth region have the shortest healing process in most cases. But there are some important facts you should take care of if you want to have a tongue piercing. First of all you should not drink alcohol or smoke during the healing process. Dairy products also shouldn´t be eaten within the fist days after the piercing has been made. Against the swelling camomile tea, sage tea and ice cubes are helpful. In the first days it is better to eat soup only. After eating it is important to rinse your mouth to prevent an inflammation. For this Prontolind Mouth Wash is particularly suitable. This mouth wash has been developed especially for piercings in the mouth region.