silver flesh tunnels & plugs

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silver tunnels - stylish jewelry for your ear lobe piercing

flesh tunnels silver

These are typically worn on the ears but can also be on the nipples or nasal septum. Silver flesh tunnels come with a decorative inlay of semi-precious stones and may be flared up to keep them from falling. For those that are not flared, grooves are cut near the edges. Alternatively, there may be an internal threaded backing since external ones can rip freshly stretched ears. Like all silver jewelry silver tunnels are also a very timeless jewelry. They will never run out of style. The tunnel jewelry is made of surgical steel or titanium. Both materials have a very smooth surface so that viruses and bacteria can´t accumulate so fast. This protects you from infections.

ear stretchers gauges & tapers in silver

These help expand the size of a healed piercing for one to be in a position to wear certain types of jewelry. Ear piercings are the commonly stretched piercings variety since the former days, but there are other piercings that can be stretched as well. These include tongue piercings, nasal septum piercings and lip piercings. The size of the piercing is increased gradually by fitting a different size of jewelry on it. The stretching process should be done very slowly. For this you can buy various kinds of ear stretchers made from different kinds of materials and in different colours. Next to black and white tapers silver is a very popular colour for tapers. Especially silver tunnels have a strong feminine energy. This way girls can perfectly stress their personality by wearing silver jewelry. Nevertheless ear stretchers are not only worn by woman but also by men of course.

Silver glitter plugs - put yourself in scene

Glitter plugs have been such a huge trend for many years now because they lead the focus of the people around you directly to your nice ear jewelry. This way you will always be recognized in a positive way. That´s why silver glitter plugs will never run out of fashion. There is a huge amount of different variations. There are many different colours of gemstones to select from. Also there are different plug - shapes apart from the classical round one. This way silver tunnels gemmed with crystals are an optimal way to add some style to your classical flesh plugs.