Septum Clicker

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Some girls and boys who like piercings often have trouble with placing the piercing jewelry into their nose piercing. Septum Clicker can solve this problem. The septum can be easily inserted into the piercing hole of the nasal septum thanks to its practical click closure. For this the closure just needs to be opened, the barbell is to be placed into the piercing and afterwards the piercing jewelry can be easily closed with one click. So now the times are over when one had to get around with small segment rings and clamping rings on the nose, to close them again or have lost the shuttering particle during the nose cleaning. Stylish Septum Clickers with eye-catching embellishments are currently in trend. Stars from the music and film industry made this striking jewelery more and more accepted in public. Beautiful ornaments, delicate ornaments, sparkling crystal stones and many different colors in our assortment make it hard to make a decision. But there is jewelry ranging from decent, classic designs to the very extraordinary creations so that everyone will find his or her favourite piece of jewelry. Even if septum piercings are currently mainly worn by women, septum clickers are also interesting for men. For men we also offer a wide selection, ranging from the simple clicker to the extravagant jewelery, for example, with skull decoration.

Septum Clicker in Gold & Rosegold - precious and stylish

The Septum Clicker is particularly popular and extremely trendy in the colors gold and rose gold. They are available as simple, straightforward clickers, which impress with their restrained elegance. However, the numerous richly ornamented variants also offer a great deal of space for individually to develop your own taste. Here you can find golden septum clickers, which are studded with stones, rose gold colored jewelery with noble decorations in countless design variants and can even buy colorful Septum Clicker in the best quality cheap with us in the shop.

Septum Clicker made of titanium - Cool design & high wearing comfort

You can order Septum Clicker here in our shop in the most different variants and made from the most diverse materials. One of the most popular materials for piercings of the nasal sheath is titanium. Titanium has a particularly smooth surface, which makes it antibacterial. Moreover, it is very hard and light. Especially the fact that it is so light makes it perfectly suitable to manufacture nose piercing jewelry out of this material. This enhances your comfort, so you can enjoy your Titan Septum Clicker for a long time. Like with all other piercing jewelry the titanium septum clicker selection is very large. It ranges from classic anthracite-colored nose jewelery to silvery, ornate septum clickers made of titanium.

Septum Clicker in Black - Discover the dark side of power

There is also a large selection of black septum clickers available here. For the dark side, we offer classic, unadorned, black septum clickers. We also have richly ornamented, drop-shaped septum clickers in black in the offer, which are occupied with white crystals. But these are just two examples from our portfolio. There are really countless variants of richly to conservatively decorated black septum clickers in our assortment. You alone decide which of them best suits your style.

Septum Clicker in Silver

Silver is certainly the original color of the septum piercings at least in the western culture. Those who were the first to wear septum piercings in our widths wore silver colored septum clickers. Silver therefore is the most classic of all colors in septum clickers. This color always has something innocent, elegant and slightly cool. Also with silver septum clickers you might be spoiled for choice. But the good news are: We only offer trendy stuff here so you can never go completely wrong. Should it be a classic, unadorned, silver septum Clicker or would you rather order extensively ornate jewelery for your septum - we offer it here. Just decide from the gut what you like best. Another good news is: Once your septum piercing has healed, you can change it at any time and so regularly wear different septum jewelry. The easy-to-use click closure helps you to easily change your septum clicker. So you can wear a silver septum clicker today and decide for another color of your choice tomorrow.