Breast & Nipple Body Jewelry

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Breast and Nipple Piercings

One of the more exciting types of piercing you can get, nipple piercings have experienced a real surge in popularity in recent years. With a history going right back to the mid-14th Century, and with cultural influence from the Karankawa Native American Indians, notable wearers today include Christina Aguilera, Lenny Kravitz and even Pixie Geldoff. Not just aesthetically amazing, breast piercings are also known to add a little something special to sexual experiences.

Care and Hygiene

Surprisingly, this piercing doesn't cause as much pain as many might expect. As this is one area of the body which is particularly fleshy, it means that there is less chance of the piercing being rejected - so provided the piercing is cared for properly, it should be fully healed within around one to six months. Nipple piercings tend to be done either vertically or horizontally, though really the choice is up to you. Depending on your anatomy, it is even possible to get one breast pierced multiple times, and even inverted nipples can be pierced. As with other piercings, the skin will be held with a clamp before a specialist needle is used to pierce the skin. You should try to make sure that you avoid wearing any really tight clothing just after getting your breast pierced, as you may find that it aggravates the area.

Extra Benefits

Breast piercings not only look incredibly sexy, but they're known to enhance the nipple's sensitivity - in the most positive way possible. Adding to the wearer's sexual sensitivity around the breast, both men and women have been heard to experience benefits from a nipple piercing.

One commonly asked question comes from new mums who are concerned about breastfeeding. There isn't anything to suggest nursing mums can't have their nipples pierced, though it's important for any piercing to have healed fully and for jewellery to be removed before feeding. It's equally as important to practice good hygiene, meaning the piercing has to be kept clean.

Seductively Stunning Jewellery

A barbell is usually used for the initial piercing since they're so practical. Barbells are the easiest for the body to heal around and don't present such a risk for getting caught if you're an active, sporty person. Once you're able to switch your jewellery, though, you'll find you've an incredible choice awaiting! There are the standard circular barbells or closure rings - all available in a wild array of colours and styles, but one fantastically unique form of jewelry is the nipple shield. Coming in forms such as a spider's web or shooting star, a nipple shield covers the the areola, being held in place by the piercing itself. No matter how you choose to flaunt it, this is one supremely sexy piercing.