Classic Plugs

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Classic Ear Plugs

Classic Ear Plugs

Classic flesh tunnel plugs are still the most popular category of jewelry for stretched earlobe piercings here at flesh tunnel shop. Most of our customers like to buy plugs that will perfectly fit to their clothing. Therefore we offer a large variety of different colours. The most beloved ones are the dull black acrylic flesh plugs. These are double flared and available in sizes between 2mm and 50 millimeters. At least as popular are the glossy black flesh plugs and the dull and glossy white classic plugs. These are all one-coloured and available from the smallest to the largest tunnel sizes as well.

Blue, yellow, green and orange or plain black and white classic flesh plugs?

Like with all other things which colour to take is always hard to decide. That´s why we would like to make you some suggestions regarding to which colours for classic ear plugs are the most popular at the moment. As mentioned a lot of our plug jewelry fans prefer black and white jewelry. But nevertheless we offer a large portfolio of cool different colours for flesh plugs that are also very admired. All these colours are very bright and stylish. The dull light blue or you could also call them baby blue classic one coloured plugs made of acrylic is a very beautiful example. These are very stylish, fashionable and noticeble. This way you will be the eye catcher any party, festival or concert. Classic acrylic plugs are also available in yellow, orange, bright green, pink, purple and red. Apart from the beautiful bright colours all these flesh plugs have one thing in common. They are lightweight and can be cleaned very easily. This way they are perfectly suitable plug jewelry if you are very sporty or love partying.

Classic Ear Plugs with classic motifs - timeless stylish piercing jewelry

Apart from our classic plain one coloured plugs we also offer a large variety of different motif plugs with a timeless attitude. Very popular are our button plugs. They look like buttons for jackets and are the most beloved classic motif flesh plugs here at flesh tunnel shop. If you like card games like poker, mau mau or others maybe our classic plugs with clubs, red hearts or aces are perfect for you. These are avalable in various sizes between 8mm and 20 millimeters. A bit more special but also timeless are our other classic plugs like camouflage, deverse national flags, rainbow and patterns. All these classic plugs have one thing in common - although they are very different they will never run out of style because they are timeless and elegant. So if you are looking for a long term relationship with your flesh plugs our classic plugs will be just perfect for you.