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Piercings on the auricle are the most popular ones among women and men. Over the centuries, many species have developed to decorate the ear with jewelery. As so often it is just a question of taste for which type of ear piercing one decides. The classic earrings used to be worn very long in the Central European culture, especially by women. Over the past few decades, more types of ear piercings have been established. These are shown in the third section of this article.

Piercings on the ear particularly popular

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Sure you have often asked yourself the question which part of the body is the most popular for piercings. This question was not only interesting for you but also for some British scientists. They have therefore carried out a study to find out where most people are pierced. It turned out that the piercing on the ear is the most common in both genders, women and men. Very common are earring piercings. Scientific studies say that ore than half of the women who are pierced have at least one ear piercing.

These ear piercings make women more attractive

Many men find women more attractive who like to wear earrings. This is mainly due to the fact that piercings on women´s ears give an individual touch and thus underscore their unique personalities. Everything that makes up the woman is therefore more prominent. Many girls and women thus appear much more self-assured and confident. Guys and men perceive this unconsciously and are therefore are often more attracted to women with earrings, ear piercings and ear plugs. To show you the best suitable ear piercings we have created the top 5 of the most attractive ear piercing styles for girls and women.

1. Earlobe Piercings - the popular classic

The earlobe piercing is by far the most common among young women. The earlobe heals very quickly and therefore it is the ideal place for ear jewelery. At the beginning, a sterling silver or 316L surgical steel ear stud is often used. Later, many girls also like to use hoops, dangles or stainless steel & silver earrings of various kinds. There is no limit regarding to style.

2. Helix Piercing - the attractive eyecatcher at the top of the ear

In recent years, the helix has been increasingly becoming a trend. Especially in the USA and Western Europe it is now very common. Nevertheless with the Helix Piercing you can continue to place an individual touch because there is an almost unlimited choice of great stylish helix ear jewelry. From the horseshoe (circular barbell) to the segment ring you will always find the latest jewelry trends here in our online shop.

3. Anti Helix Piercing - The piercing of the actors and rock stars

Not only Scarlett Johansson has one but also many other actors and rock stars. So the anti helix jewelry is a real celebrity piercing. Anti - helix piercings are worn near the point of the ear 's edge, making it a real eye catcher.

4. Conch Piercing - earrings for trendsetters

Often you see it with women and girls who already have a lot of experience with piercing jewelry. They are often looking for new ways to make their bodies even more individual and therefore have a particularly good feeling for piercing trends. The conch piercing is placed directly through the auricle. Especially worn with rhinestone piercings this kind of earpiercing is a real eye catcher.

5. Tragus Piercing - very popular with music fans

Tragus piercings are often worn by famous singers and therefore they are particularly hip. They are worn on the small, somewhat thicker part of the cartilage at the entrance of the auditory canal. As ear piercings, horseshoe piercings, clamping rings or labrets are often worn in this place.

Ear jewelery, which is particularly good for men

As with piercing jewelry for other parts of the body, there is a number of ear piercing styles that are good for both men and women. This includes, in particular, the tunnel piercing in the ear but also the industrial piercing is worn across gender. It connects two ear piercings with a piercing bar, the so-called barbell. The classic earring is also used by men. The motivation for this is certainly similar in men and women. Many people want to embellish their bodies and underline their individual personality through special ear jewelery. Even if the top list of ear piercings for women is also bought by men, we have created an own top list for men as well.

1. Flesh Tunnels & Plugs - The eye-catcher for fans of big ear piercings

Clearly on place 1 are the tunnels and plugs for men's ears. Many women find these particularly attractive in men, although these are more and more worn by women as well thanks to the large choice of colors (for example, ear plugs made of rose gold). Whether you want to stretch your ear lobe piercing, or decide to take fake plugs with a simple ear piercing you can decide for yourself. Our small internal women 's survey has shown that girls like classic fake plugs on men particularly. Perhaps this helps the men among you in the purchase decision. ;-)

2. Industrial Piercing

On place 2 of the most popular ear piercings for boys and men is the Industrial Piercing Jewelry. But here again, of course, both sexes will be happy with us. Thus, women are more often ordered industrial piercing jewelry with crystals or dream catchers Industrials. Men, on the other hand, often buy the classic barbells in silver or black to connect two ear holes.

3. Custum Fake Plugs - Your Unique Ear Piercing Jewelry

Here again is true - What is good for the man can not be bad for the woman. Even fake plugs with your own motif are interesting for men as well as for women. They have an unbeatable personal touch in any case. Depending on whether you want to use a cool artwork, or rather your pet as motifs, the self-designed fake plugs for the ear are perfect for cool men or for stylish ladies. There are no limits to your imagination - simply design your own favorite earrings and create your personal top list.

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