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Banana Piercings - Curved Barbells

Get your bananas today and decorate your eyebrows with a trendy piece or your belly button with a sexy jewel. The curved barbells are classics especially designed for these purposes. If you want it another way, don't hesitate. Banana piercings also invite you to try them out in your ears, your nipples or the genital area. There are simply no exceptions to your demands.

Bananas got their name from the obvious shape of the barbell. It is mostly manufactured out of surgical steel 316L and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. If you want to go for the more noble option - we're always offering titan based curved barbells. Acrylic piercings are the option of Flesh Tunnel Shop for a guaranteed price-performance ratio. A wide range of colours and shapes plays into our customers hands, knowing of their demands for an individual style.

Piercings placed at the belly button get usually pierced above the navel which leads to a piercings that lies across the navel. We have an attractive selection exclusively designed for that fact. It includes navel piercings as coloured balls, in crystal shape with glitter effect or involving a tiny heart.

The curved barbells of bananas are usually sealed by balls or cones. Next to that extravagant shapes become a new thing to the banana section. Already popular motives cover four-leaf clovers, butterflies, flames, basket balls or bows.