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Barbell Piercings

Barbell piercings are one of the first basic piercing items that were introduced to the western body modification scene. It is usually applied to the tongue, the breast nipples or to the ear (industrial piercing). Ampallang piercings or foreskin piercings are good examples for the use of barbells in the genital area of men. The shape is a reminiscence of a dumbbell known from athletic sports. The collection of Flesh Tunnel Shop covers various sizes, colours and materials. The key sizes are between 1,2mm and 10mm in diameter. The pieces on top of the barbell can be switched easily. Our online shop covers shapes like balls, cones, butterflies, crystals, stars or skulls. Don't hesitate to explore the great potentials of individualization.

Concerning materials, titan and surgical steel 316L are mostly used. This can be explained by the great anti-allergic features both materials comprise. Considering the application in the mouth, it becomes majorly important to avoid health dangers. Existing bacteria and acids can harm the newly pierced spot and complicate the healing procedure. That's why please be aware of possible inflammations and the ways of prevention. In case of a piercing while being pregnant - we can equip you best possible with our selection of PTFE based piercings. They are quite flexible and flexile, helping you withstand the exertions of an upcoming life.