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Body Jewelry Shop for Piercing Jewellery

Body Jewelry Shop for Piercing Jewellery

Whether trendy or classical, shiny or mature, the piercing world of Flesh Tunnel Shop provides you with an undreamt selection of piercing jewellery. Wherever you are pierced, we are able to satisfy any wish. If you prefer belly bars & rings, ball closure rings, labrets or barbells - with over 10,000 piercings of all shapes and colours - the piercing sky is the limit.

But not only the shape matters, also does the material. Classic piercings are made from surgical steel. You can also give some advanced materials like acrylic a try. When flexibility is a factor you value most PTFE or ETFE may be the materials of choice.

Emergence and origin

The term "piercing" has derived from the latin word "pertundere" and the french word "percier". These words describe the act of breaking through or cutting through a thing. You can recognize the term "piercing" communicates the idea behind quite clear.

The first verifiable usage of piercing jewellery took place 7.000 years ago. Indigenous people tried to symbolize their belonging to a certain tribe or their climbing to a new phase of maturity. Former cultures also communicated particular social statuses or included body modification into spiritual rituals.

Nowadays piercings are mostly included as traditional and spiritual ornamentations. The Ethiopian tribe of Mursi adores female members with plugged earlobes or massive wooden plates in their lower lips. Since it is considered a desirable beauty ideal among Mursi men, the chances of approval and affection rise the bigger the plugs become. Thailand is known for a festival that celebrates the gods. During happenings like the famous processions, Thais in hypnotic trance put massive branches and iron bars through their stretched cheeks, tongues or ears. This shows the significance piercings can have around the world. Become a part of it.

Various types of piercings

Most piercings are dedicated to a certain body location. While trying to present a complete list, we honestly confess that this might not happen. Nearly any location can suit a new type of piercing, making it impossible to cover everything imaginable.

Body Piercings Cluster
  • Medusa: centred above the top lip (labret)
  • Madonna: sideways the top lip (labret)
  • Nostril: pierced through the nasal wing
  • Septum: pierced through the nasal septum
  • Bridge: through the bridge of the nose, horizontal alignment between the eyes
  • Madison: anything pierced around the neck
  • Handweb: pierced between two fingers (straight barbell)
  • Escimo: vertically pierced from below the lower lip through the prolabium (curved barbell)
  • Lane: horizontally pierced through the prolabium (straight barbell)
  • Ashley: vertically pierced through the prolabium of the lower lip (curved barbell)
  • Industrial: vertically pierced through the auricular cartilage (straight barbell)

Several other variations may also interest you. Whereas usual surface piercings are located at one place, a corset piercing for example places a textile band between different cut-off canals. These canals normally include ball closure rings that are needed to fixate the band. The connection over two or more rows creates a corset pattern.

The idea of play piercings focuses on temporary piercings, partly involved in sadomasochism or bondage. You can place weights on the attached needles or include chains for an erotic experience. These cases require a maximum amount of preparation and shouldn't be initially performed without the supervision of an expert.

The most liked piercings

The top spot definitely goes to the all-time favorite navel piercing. About every third piercing belongs to that category. Nose piercings and nose studs come close at position two with 19 percent. The following ranks include ear piercings with 13 percent, tongue and nipple piercings with nine percent as well as eyebrow piercings with eight percent and lip piercings with four percent. Surprisingly genital piercings only occur in two percent of the cases. Happily Flesh Tunnel Shop offers you the full range of piercing jewellery, whether it may be a classical banana or a fancy push-in ETFE labret.


Piercing jewellery includes an innumerable amount of distinct shapes. In order to value that complexity we'd like to present you all the relevant shapes and characteristic features you can discover at Flesh Tunnel Shop.

  • Straight Barbell: meant for the tongue or your ears (see "industrial piercing")
  • Curved Barbell: slightly curved shape for your eyebrows or navel, also called a banana
  • Circular Barbell (CBR): shape of an open ring completed by balls or cones on external threads, suitable for your lips, nose or eyebrows - also useable as stretchers
  • Surface Barbell (also surface bar): the shape is characterized by a barbell as a foundation (under skin) and angled finishes with balls (above skin) - designed for surface piercings
  • Dermal Anchor: implanted plate under your skin that is hold by balls or cones - belongs to surface piercings
  • Ball Closure Ring (BCR): a ring closed by a bigger ball, sometimes the ball includes a crystal - meant for your nipples or earlobes
  • Labret: straight barbell with a plate on the one side and a ball or cone on the other - primarily meant for your cheeks and lips
  • Septum Retainer: applied to the cut-off canal of the nasal septum in order to prevent it from closing up - mostly used for work or other occasions that prohibit an apparent nose piercing
  • Nippleshield: mean opening of the shield encloses your nipple, fixated by a barbell through the nipple
  • Prince's Wand: stab that is inserted into the male urethra, fixated by a Prince Albert

Piercing materials

The body modification scene features numerous materials and styles. Whereas (fake) ear plugs, expanders and flesh tunnels incorporate many of these, piercings like labrets, barbells or bananas can't portrait that richness of materials.

The piercings from Flesh Tunnel Shop are largely manufactured of surgical steel 316L. The most liked material from the piercing scene is highly recommended for anybody interested in fair prices, a classical look and nonallergic substances. In addition titan as a precious resource comes along much more expensive. Titan benefits from its structure, making it possible to appear high-polished. Various synthetics like PTFE or ETFE enable further applications. Also known as "bioflex", these piercings are highly flexible and flexile. Discover our full range of FTS piercings and visit our blog for more information.

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