Nose Body Jewelry

Nose Piercings - the Facts

Coming in second place only to earlobe piercings, the nose or nostril piercings are incredibly popular. There are three main types of piercing for the nose: nostril, septum and bridge piercing, though most people will be familiar with the nostril piercing. Stars such as Joss Stone and Miley Cyrus are well known for their nostril piercings. Interestingly, before becoming a stylish must-have piercing in the western world, nostril piercings have a long and deeply cultural history in Asia and India.

Nose Stud Culture

Although nostril piercings look great on both men and women, it's the Indian women who wore nose studs and other jewellery for cultural significance. Not just for aesthetic purposes, the nose stud reflected a woman's social status. Certainly, this piercing still has an important significance for both wedding and funeral ceremonies in India. In the Western World, the nose piercing has also shaken off its punk image of the 70s and 80s and is becoming increasingly more acceptable in the workplace. Meaning there's no better time than any to start browsing the body jewellery options available!

Nose Piercing Care

As with any other body piercings, taking care of your piercing once it has been done is pretty vital. Generally speaking, nose piercings only take between 3 and 6 months to heal. Making sure you remember to clean the area at least twice per day is important, though don't use soap. Use a cotton ball to clear away any crust - try not to pick at this, as it will delay the healing and could even lead to infection. If you've got long hair, it's a good idea to keep it tied back for the months when your piercing is healing, as any hair which gets caught in your nose piercing will aggravate it. You might experience a bit of swelling at the beginning, and especially if you're allergic to any types of metal, make sure you let your piercer know. Titanium or surgical steel are the best choices for the material of the initial nose stud.

Nose Studs and Other Jewels

There is a wide array of body jewellery available for nose piercings. Although closure rings and curved barbells are pretty popular, you'll find the choice in studs is also amazing. Depending on your preference, studs come shaped either straight or curved in a screw like shape. The screw shape makes it easy for you to remove the stud yourself, which is great when you think about the designs on offer - you'll want a different piece of body jewellery each day! From hearts and cherries through to arrows and dice, there's a design for everybody's style. This is one piercing which can be as beautifully subtle, or as outrageously stylish as you want.

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