Gem Ear Plugs & Jewelled Plugs

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Gem Flesh Plugs & Chrystal Ear Plugs

Diamonds are a girl´s best friends. If you like you flesh plugs glistening and sparkling we got what you need - gem ear plugs. We offer a large variety of them here at our gem plug shop. Maybe you are spoilt for choice because of the numerous different jewelled plugs that are available for stretched earlobe piercings. To make you the decicion a bit easier we want to suggest you some of our bestsellers and the latest trends for gem jewelry.

Jeweled Flesh Plugs - make your earlobe sparkle

With gemmed plugs you will definiteley have a very unique jewelry for your earlobe. This way you can stress your individual personality and people will recognize you in a positive way. The most popular gem ear plugs at the moment are the silver ear plugs with a big crystal in the center of the premium 316L surgical steel jewelry. The colour of the crystal is transparent which makes the jewelry fit to almost any outfit you can think of. The two parts of the tunnel plug are screwed together so that the jewelry will perfectly fit and won´t fall off. The huge crystal in the center will glitter beautifully in the sun. This steel crystal ear plug is available in sizes between 3mm and 20 millimeters. At least as popular are the blue glittering ear plugs made of black acrylic. These are sparkling in a stylish blue when the sun comes out. They are a very beloved jewelry for people wearing jewelry for stretched earlobe piercings and are available in sizes between 3 and 24 millimeters. Also one of our bestsellers at the moment are the wooden flesh plugs with crystals. These combine the beauty of nature with the elegance and grandeur of crystals. We offer them in various different styles with small and big crystals and in different wood colours like brown, light brown and black.

Flesh Tunnel Plugs with colourful crystals

Here at our crystal jewelry section we offer a large variety of different gem styles. The most popular ones are plugs gemmed with transparent crystals. But a real treat are tunnel plugs with pink crystals, red crystals, blue crystals and of course colourful crystals. You will also find high quality amber coloured, yellow, green and black crystal glass jewelry here. Regarding the different material available you also have the agony of choice. Gem ear plugs are available mad from steel, acrylic, differnt kinds of wood and plastic. Most of them are available in various sizes until 20mm and some of them even larger. No matter which kind of gem ear plugs you like the best you can be sure that all our plugs are premium quality.

Jewelled Crystal Ear Plugs

This section exclusively deals with plugs that involve crystals of different shapes and colours. Crystals mean high-polished glass that appeals in a way real crystals or diamonds would do. The shiny colours and sharp edges give the whole plug an extravagant character.

You decide whether to go for plugs in surgical steel 316L, wood, acrylic or horn optionally fitted with a thread. Crystal colours revolve around transparent, black, red, blue or pink. You can also find plugs including mother-of-pearls or a striking glitter coating. The mother-of-peal is encircled by crystals, making it definite eye-catcher.