Hider Plugs

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Hider Plugs & Flesh Tunnel Plug Retainers

Flesh Tunnel Plug Retainer

Flesh Tunnels and Plugs are a very individual piercing jewelry for stretched ear lobe piercings. They are perfectly suitable to underline your unique personality because they are available in siuch a large variety. Also stretching your earlobe shows some kind of opposition to the establishment because earlobe stretching is nothing philistines would do. It is always good, to go your own way in life. The way that fits to your personality. Unfortunately there are situations in life were you have to make some compromises at least for a short period of time. For example you might be invited to a job interview and don´t know if the interviewer or the head of human resources likes flesh tunnels. Or you are invited to a friend´s wedding who´s family is very conservative. In these or similar situations it is sometimes better to hide your flesh tunnels or plugs. For this septum retainers or hider flesh tunnel plugs are very helpful. These are skin coloured silicone plugs which make your stretched earlobe piercings very inconspcuous. Hider Plugs are available in sizes between 2,5 and 25 millimeters. They are double flared, without screw and made of soft silicone. We wish you happy hiding and success for your next job interview!

What does Hider Plug means?

Hider Plugs conceal your stretched earlobe piercing and therefore hide it best possible from critical glances. They seem especially convenient for situations like the working place, school, job interviews or other meetings. Hider plugs perfectly match your skin colour. If the exceptional case of a mismatch occurs, you can easily cover the plug with make-up. Hider plugs are pretty flexible and smooth. They can also be applied by sportsmen or motorcyclists.

At Flesh Tunnel Shop you can find various hider plug sizes, starting from 2,5mm to 25mm in diameter. Happy hiding!