Wood & Horn Tunnel

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Wood and Horn Flesh Tunnels

This category is reserved for our natural beauties, tunnels that are made of organic substances like wood, horn or even bones. Perhaps you already noticed the immense rise of organics in the piercing universe. There are good reasons for this development. Wooden tunnels for example are extremely light and breathable. The creation of unpleasant smell won?t occur to that amount it normally happens with steel or titan. The capabilities of all three materials lead to a fine selection of different organic shapes like squares, triangles, anchors, ornaments or classical circles.

No matter what kind of wood you choose from our broad selection of timber species, you will always get a true unicum. Whether you give preference to a dark wood like Areng or a cream-coloured candidate like crocodile ? a high quality is ensured. Flesh tunnels from horn exist in a black and white version. They cover the same advantages wood does.