Eyebrow Body Jewelry

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Eyebrow Piercing Jewellery

A distinguishing feature of the 1970's punk culture, eyebrow piercings have since become one of the most popular facial piercings around. Unlike many other piercings, however, eyebrow jewellery is no longer associated with any specific trend or culture - meaning you can style your piercing as uniquely as you like!

Professional Body Jewellery

Eyebrow Body Jewelry - wear it in your Eye Brow

This is not a piercing to attempt doing yourself! Although some of the punkier punks did do their own way back in the rebellious days of the 70s, time has taught us that safety and hygiene are not to be scoffed at either. You can get your eyebrow piercing done anywhere from just above your eye to the corner edge of the eyebrow, though be aware there are a number of super-sensitve nerves just above the eye. You could get your piercing done either horizontally or vertically, though vertical piercings do tend to be seen more often. If you have a good piercer, they'll be able to work out the optimal location and angle for your piercing so that it best exentuates your facial features and shape. Should you be so inclined, it is possible to have one eyebrow pierced multiple times.

Healing Times and Choices

It shouldn't take too long before you can change your eyebrow jewellery, with the healing time averaging at 6-8 weeks. As with any piercing, though, eyebrow piercings have to be taken good care of so they heal correctly - and let's face it, an infected eyebrow is not a good look for anybody! Given the number of hair follicles around the piercing, this is one beauty feature which takes that extra bit of aftercare to get right. As well as a daily disinfection clense, it's important for any crust which might form around the wound to be removed, as leaving it can lead to an infection. A complete healing of the wound will take significantly longer - it might even be a full year before you can remove your body jewellery for any longer period of time without the hole closing over.

Beautiful Brows

Thankfully the days of the safety pin being the only eyebrow accessory to wear are long gone! The options available today for eyebrow adornment are vast, though it's worth taking a moment to look at the weight of your jewellery - eyebrow piercings have been known to migrate if the jewellery is too heavy. As most piercings are done at a slight angle, your first piece of jewellery used for the piercing is likely to be curved, and should also be a little longer than what you might normally wear, as the area tends to swell a bit after piercing. Once you're fully healed, though, endless options await you! While steel and titanium cicular bells and closure rings work well with almost any look, you can still go wild with flourescent colours or even spiral designs. All as eye-catching as you!