Gold and Yellow Flesh Tunnels & Plugs

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golden tunnel plugs

Gold is the colour of achievement, success, luxury and quality. That´s also the reason why the most important olympic medal is the gold medal. If you want to stress your personality golden jewelry for your ears is always a good choice. Unfortunately apart from all the positive aspects gold jewelry has there are also some disadvantages that stand against buying real gold jewelry. First of all gold is very heavy. If you wear a thin necklace this won´t be a problem. But if you prefer more impressive jewelry like gold ear tunnels and plugs real gold might be too heavy be used for this kind of jewelry.

Golden Flesh Tunnels - triumph for your ear

As already mentioned flesh tunnels made of real gold can be very heavy. Fortunately through material research many new materials could be invented that look just exactly the same like gold tunnels but are a lot more lightweight. They also have the advantage that they are a lot harder than real gold. With real gold you often have the problem that the tunnels will be scratched after a while and therefore they don´t look very nice any more. Another disadvantage of gold is that it is enormously expensive. Real gold has always been expensive but within the last ten years the price of gold has even more than doubled. Compared to real gold tunnels our golden flesh tunnels made of high quality surgical steel are very affortable and look at least as beautiful as real gold tunnels :).

Golden plugs for your ear made of surcical steel - even better than real gold plugs

Just like with the flesh tunnels we also offer tunnel plugs made of golden high quality surgical steel. Because there is more material needed to produce flesh plugs instead of flesh tunnels real gold plugs would even be heavier than flesh tunnels made of gold. That´s why the difference in weight is even bigger with golden plugs made of lightweight steel in comparison to real gold. So there are many arguments for golden plugs for your ear lobe piercing.

Yellow Ear Tunnels & plugs - let the sunshine in your ear

Yellow has many different meanings but the most important one is of course that yellow is symbolizing the sun. Because sun always stands for something warm, optimistic & positive we also sell a large selection of sunny yellow tunnels and plugs in our shop. You can get the classic brightly shining yellow acrylic and silicone tunnels as well as specially shaped plugs like e.g. in the shape of a pencil or a banana. Also very stylish are the picture plugs with different mainly yellow motifs like sun flowers, lemons or yellow chess boards. They are available as glass plugs, bamboo plugs, fluid plugs which are flesh plugs that are filled with a certain liquid where small balls are swimming in.