Gauges, Taper Earrings & Angel Wings

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Ear Gauges, Tapers and Angel Wings

Sometimes you are about to see piercing jewellery that makes it hard to decide whether it may be an ear plug, a taper or a classic earring. We have created a home for this intermediate world. Everything from star shaped, wing figured and spiral modelled items can be found here. The best part of it is: Nearly any item can be used for stretching purposes additionally to the fashion approach. These accessories belong to pendant fallaleries, meaning the main part of the piece is hanging above the stretched earlobe. Many colours, shapes and materials help you finding your favourite piece.

Taper Earrings & Spiral Tapers - Stylish Earrings for stretched earlobe piercings

With taper earrings life can be so easy. You don´t need to decide if you want to wear flesh plugs or rather prefer earrings instead. Just get a hybride version of tunnel jewelry and earrings. These are available in various styles, colours and sizes. We offer them in steel, acrylic, wood and even bone. The sizes range from 4 to 12 millimeters. This makes it easy to wear them even if you already have a widely stretched earlobe piercing. We offer a large variety of different shapes here at our tapers shop. From gauges and tapers made of steel and acrylic to angel wings made of bone you can buy anything here at flesh tunnel shop. Just check out our portfoloio and find your favourite one.

Angel Wings and Circular Claws - feel like an angle even if you are none

Angel wings have become more and more popular within the last years. Not only as tattoos or classic earrings but also as taper earrings for stretched earlobe piercings they are a stylish way to modify your body. These angel earrings are available in various different sizes and colours here in our taper earrings shop. Some people also call them wing tunnels, wing plugs, angel wing flesh tunnels or circular claw. As this kind of earrings is quite new there are various names for the same thing existing. The most popular angel wings at the moment are acrylic swan wings earrings in the colour amber. These swan wing earrings are also very popular in black and white at the moment. If you like it a bit more colourful you can also get blue angel wings here. These are available from 3 to 8 millimeters and are made from acrylic, too. If you are not the biggest fan of angels maybe our star taper earrings are your cup of tea. These are available in sizes from 2 to 12 mm and made of wood or acrylic, too.