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Flesh tunnels take a prominent part of nowadays body piercing jewellery. They are related to the wider topic of body modification. The term flesh tunnel is quite self-exsmoothing, meaning stretched holes in the human body. Flesh tunnels are mainly worn in stretched earlobes and start with an earlobe piercing. Contrary to other opinions, the piercing procedure should be performed by a professional piercer or jeweller. Afterwards the earlobe piercing is modified by the help of proper accessories like stretchers and expanders. The stretching takes place over several weeks and months to ease the adaption of the flesh. There is no uniform taste concerning the size of stretched earlobes. To date mostly men are into the extra big sizes. With flesh tunnels becoming a trending topic over the past years, more and more women seek to define their own new limits of stretching and body modification. Starting with a diameter of 1mm, the upper end of the scale ranges from 50 to 60mm. You can find every possible size in our shop. If you are in favour of big flesh tunnels at low prices, we would like to warmly welcome you.

What does flesh ear tunnel mean?

What does Flesh Tunnel mean?

Next to the term flesh tunnel, the body modification scene also speaks of tunnel earrings or tunnel piercings. That particular ear jewellery has different origins dating back hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. The growing interest in body modification with an increasing variety in colours, shapes, designs and materials helps you find your individual piercing jewellery that connect personality and taste perfectly.

With the help of an expander (a particular stretching tool), the piercing cut in the earlobe will be constantly stretched to the point you can look through and put in a flesh tunnel. Despite differences in material, most flesh tunnels out of steel, titan or acrylic consist of an internal or external thread. This makes it especially easy for beginners to put into the stretched earlobes. There are also piercing tubes. They consist of a flesh tunnel that is fixed with O-shaped sealing rings.

The stretching of earlobes is a persistent process that needs some patience. The ones stretching to fast, risk the danger of an unprofessional result or even the damage of their tissue. Helpful tips for the right procedure can be found in our blog.

Flesh tunnels don't necessarily need to be worn in your earlobes. The world of body modification also contains stretched nostril piercings, lip piercings or even tongue piercings. Whether a classical ear piercing or something extraordinary, our shop offers the full range of flesh tunnels and ear plugs.

Differences between ear ring and flesh tunnel

The only matches between these two jewellery items are the earlobe piercing needed and the positioning in the ear. For your flesh tunnel, you need to stretch the piercing cut to a size, where you can put in a (small) flesh tunnel. Over the time you can keep stretching your earlobe piercings to bigger sizes. Nowadays, both genders increasingly tend towards new extreme spheres. 20 or 30mm thereby become quite normal.

Your path towards flesh tunnels

You should take your time to think about the PRO's and CON's of stretched earlobes. Can you name the main reasons to come up with such an idea? Body modification is no easy decision to make. Please consider possible consequences in your family, circle of friends or at work. If you can deal with them: welcome to Flesh Tunnel Shop, your new home for flesh tunnels, ear plugs and everything in between.

The whole procedure of stretching requires time, patience and discipline. Allow your body necessary pauses to let the body recover best possible. Patience is your No. 1 partner in this game.

Everything starts with the piercing cut. It better not be recently pierced but healed for some time. If this is the case, slowly stretch the cut from time to time and give it the chance to constantly evolve.

There are many important parts of the stretching. Expanders, enlarging crescents and the actual jewellery should be constantly disinfected to reduce the risk of infection. Please stay away from tools and items improper to stretch. Our shop offers more than enough awesome products like straight expanders, enlarging crescents and expander snakes ranging from unicoloured basics to unique design pieces. Different materials like steel, wood, acrylic or titan round the product line. If there are still some open questions concerning the use of expanders please contact us or browse through our blog.

Flesh tunnels - traditions and trends

Flesh tunnels and other ways of body modification have been around the world for quite some time. Existing throughout many cultures and centuries, flesh tunnels are a rather new phenomenon in western societies. Many indigenous tribes stretched their earlobes and wore flashy jewellery.

Favoured materials included organics like horn, wood and bones or precious metals like gold and silver. The jewellery often implicated power and strength, naming African tribe lords or even pharaohs like Tutanchamun as prominent representatives. The famous golden death-mask clearly shows stretched earlobes. Another well-known character is Buddha with widened earlobes on many images. Last but not least the Moai represent another culture far from the western world. Never heard? Perhaps you better know them as giant stone statues from the Easter Islands. Next to the stretched earlobes, there are signs of ancient "expanders".

These examples support the notion of body modification being nearly as old as mankind itself. Spreading from the Incas and Mayans to different cultures in Central Asia and Polynesia, also the meaning of flesh tunnels can vary. It mainly switches between the communication of the social status in a tribe or as a result of individual beauty ideals.

Whether trend or tradition, we consider flesh tunnels a perfect way to individually modify your body and presence. New materials und design opportunities give you an ever-changing selection of jewellery.

Typical materials for flesh tunnels

There is a wide range of materials for flesh tunnels. If you ask yourself which material to be the best, there is no definite answer since every material has its PRO's and CON's. Your individual taste plays a big part in choosing the right material. To simplify your choice, we'd like to present you all the available materials in our online shop.


Flesh tunnels manufactured out of surgical steel 316L belong to the classics and bestsellers within the range of flesh tunnel materials. They are especially suitable for beginners. The smooth surface can be easily cleaned and gives your jewellery a classy look. The material makes them resistant to external damages, reduces skin friction and is always a good low-priced alternative to other materials. Considering possible pollutions, the surface makes it quite difficult for sweat, contaminants and bacteria to persist. The only negative part of the story is the relatively high weight. You should have this in mind when buying big flesh tunnels of 30mm or more.


Titan is considered the most premium material among tunnels. Sadly the production of titan is intensive in time and money. That's why titan fabricated flesh tunnels are relatively expansive. Still there are plenty arguments for titan. The material is exceptionally resilient while being relatively light. We can ensure you a long living product that fits all your demands. That's being said, our items are not fully titan but with a titan alloy. There are two reasons for that. First, jewellery completely made out of titan wasn't affordable. Second, titan belongs to the ductile materials, meaning it can be plastically deformed.

Synthetic - Acrylic

Acrylic flesh tunnels are pretty popular in the body modification scene. The synthetic material keeps them affordable and facilitates diversity. The molding simplifies the adaption of new shapes like triangles or hexagons. A good wearing comfort can be ensured through the light weight. The smooth surface reduces the possible infection with bacteria and enhances the insertion. All acrylic items are nickel-free and therefore especially fit the requests of allergy sufferers. Since the material can be easily affected by that we would like to suggest not using aggressive cleansers.


Silicone offers a special wearing comfort. The material is really soft and adjusts to nearly any shape. As well as acrylic, silicone tunnels are nickel-free and well tolerated. External influences like bacteria and others are easily averted by the material. Silicone not being breathable makes it mostly inappropriate to wear in the healing process. If you live a stressful life, it may also not fit your daily demands. The cheap prices in our shop still make it compelling to at least try them out for one time.


Wooden flesh tunnels are favoured more and more among piercing fans. Thinking of the beginnings of human body modification and solely organic materials being used, the motto could be "back to the roots". Especially nature lovers will love this. Wood is pretty light and breathable. This keeps unpleasant smell away from wooden flesh tunnels and reduces cleaning affords. Wood as an organic material leads to unique items. You can be sure to own a flesh tunnel nobody else will.


As well as wood, people used bones to manufacture jewellery through all times and centuries. The organic origin of bones reduces skin irritations or allergic reactions. The material is quite robust and weatherproof. Bones are therefore a likely companion for festivals or other outdoor experiences. The individual texture of every bone part makes every item one of a kind.


Horn can be seen as the newcomer of the body mod community. Despite this starting trend in western countries, other cultures included horns the same way they did with bones and wood for hundreds of years. People wearing horn tunnels can benefit from some specialties. Horn is relatively light and gives you a nice wearing comfort. At the same time it is harder than wood which makes it long-lasting. The jaded look gives every piece a classy style.

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