Special Plugs

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Flesh Tunnels have become very popular within the last years. The more people wear them the more different styles, shapes and sizes have become manufactured. That´s why thousands of different motifs exist in the flesh tunnel scene. If you are really looking for something speacial, this is hard to find these days. To make your search for something unusal, individual and unique a bit easier we have summed up the most special flesh plug jewelry here in this category.

Crystal Clear Special Plugs - As diverse as you

The most popular special plugs at the moment are crystal clear special plugs containig different items. There is a liquid inside the flesh plug where the small items are swimming. For example these are small balls, dices, threads or crystals. There is such a large variety of different crystal clear special plugs. For example there are also available plugs that glow in the dark. In daylight they look just like beautiful, transperent plugs for your ear. But when you come to the darkness they will light up your earlobe.

Flesh Plugs with Flowers, Skulls and Compass - special plugs of all kinds

In our section for special plugs we offer very unique, individual and unusual tunnel jewelry. In this category flesh plugs with dried flowers are very beloved at the moment. Because every flower is a bit different it makes these tunnel plugs completely unique. You won´t find anybody out there who owns exactly the same flower plugs. This way you cann perfectly unterline your own personality. Special plugs that are alos very popular at the moment are the antique styled flesh plugs in the shape of different lotus flowers or mandalas. If you are not the biggest fan of flowers - don´t worry - you can also get many different other special plugs. One of our alltime classics is the black and transparent ear plug that contains skulls. These horror plugs are not only bought by rockers, new wave & horror fans and gothics but also by many piercing fans from other scenes.

Insect Plugs - The most special flesh plugs available

If you are looking for some really speacial ear tunnel jewelry the isect plugs might be the right choice for you. They are a bit freaky and maybe not everybody´s cup of tea but they will definitely make you stand out. These plugs contain a real dead spider or beetle. Because every spider and every beetle looks a bit differently these ear plugs are very unique and of cours special. :-)