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Labret Piercings

Labret piercings possess the shape of a barbell and belong to the basic piercing items. Whereas barbells usually have a ball at each end, labrets include a ball on one side and a plate on the other. Labrets are commonly used around the lip area. Whether the upper lip or bottom lip, sideways or centered - Labrets always make a good impression. Several piercing styles like Medusa Piercings, Madonna Piercings, Ashley Piercings or Jestrum Piercings developed in the course of the Labret's triumph.

The mentioned plate on the bottom side provides the necessary stability and keeps the piercing from slipping out. A second ball would take up too much space and reduce customers wearing comfort. The first barbell to use after the piercing took place is a lot longer than usually in order to counteract the swelling. The positioning of multiple piercings is called "Bites" because symmetrical placed reminding you at snakebites. Make your labret piercing an eye-turner by upgrading it with new colours or new plate shapes like flowers, crowns, crystals or cones.