Zodiac Sign Fake Plugs & Ead Studs

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From Aquarius to Capricorn - All Star Signs as earring

Most people believe in it, but only very few truly admit it - zodiac signs and horoscopes. Although anyone has a zodiac sign none of them regularly reads horoscopes, at least not officially ;-). But also in the field of Dating star signs play a firm role. Some even go so far that they do not even engage in relationships with potential partners when the relationship is proverbially under no good star.

Aquarius Fake Plugs - Studs for Aquarians

The year of the zodiac signs begins with the Aquarius. Aquarians are commonly regarded as freedom-loving, a little stubborn and above all single-minded. In relationships they are sometimes to accused of infidelity. To what extent the individual qualities are correct may be everyone's decision for themselves. However, if you would like to wear your aquarius zodiac as earrings, you can order Aquarius Fake Plugs in different variants. On the one hand, there is a pictorial representation of the man with a water urn, on the other hand Water Carrier stud earrings are also also available with astrological symbol as motif on the fake plug. Or you decide on the third motif option: The representation of Aquarius as a constellation on your fake tunnel.

Zodiac Sign PISCES (Fish) Fake Plugs & Studs

Just as the second zodiac sign in the course of the year follows the sign of the zodiac Pisces. They are not only excellent swimmers but also perfect diplomats. Because they are extremely conflict-shy and try to mediate in every conflict with all their energy. They succeed in most cases also excellent. Pisces are also extremely sensitive. Just like all the other zodiac sign ear studs you can buy fish ear studs in many different variants. On the one hand it is available with the natural representation of the fish as a stud motif. On the other hand, you can order star sign Pisces stud earrings as well as astrological symbol or starry sky - constellation motif.

Fake plugs and stud earrings with the zodiac Aries

Aries is the third zodiac sign of the year. As the antlers of the animal Aries suggests, he is very assertive also in real life. He is said to have great openness, but sometimes also a lack of sensitivity. Aries are often extremely successful in their professional lives, and even in love they conquer yours with great charm and determination. Like all of our zodiac ear studs, Aries fake plugs are also available as a constellation, a real ram's image or an astrological symbol. It's your choice.

Bull motif fake plugs and studs with the zodiac sign Taurus

As the name of the zodiac sign suggests, the Taurus is in no way inferior to the ram. He is at least as spirited and purposeful, both in the professional life, as well as in the private sphere of family and love. Taurus is also extremely persistent and patient. Just as with all the other fake plugs also with the bull fake tunnels you can choose from the different stylistic display options of the zodiac sign and choose your favorite motive.

Gemini fake plugs and stud earrings with the zodiac sign Gemini

Gemini are known for their versatile, bright character, their activity and their very communicative behavior. They are therefore often valued as a conversation partner and make for mood. Just as the other zodiac sign fake plugs our gemini - ear studs are available in the different variants natural motif, constellation or astrological symbol.

Star Sign Cancer Ear studs

People in the zodiac sign Cancer are known for their sensitivity, sensitivity and versatility. Although they are very open-minded people, they still take a long time to fully trust people around them. The personality of the crabs often contains a lot of light, but also a lot of shade. Nevertheless, cancer goosees usually bring together many close friends and personal relationships. Zodiac Cancer stud earrings are ideally suited to carry your own star sign to the outside and so get into conversation with people.

Astrological Sign Leo Fake Plugs

The next candidate in the series of zodiac signs is the lion (leo). Even with him, the assumption is close, that one gets to do it here with a lot of temperament. That's true, but lions are also very extroverted and sociable. They bring in plenty of momentum at practically any party. With fake tunnels in Leo Design you can carry your zodiac sign directly to the public and so all the people in your environment will know what kind of person you are. The Loe ear studs are also available in 3 different variants, so that everyone will get the opportunity to find his or her favourite one.

Zodiac Virgo Fake Tunnels, Cheater Earrings & Studs

Virgos have a very quick grasp and are often a bit perfectionistic. Often they take it a bit too serious, which also gives them advantages in many areas. It is very common to find virgins in occupations where extreme accuracy is required, such as in aviation or in the medical field. With the motif fake plugs with the star sign Virgo, you can carry your star sign directly to the public and thus optimally emphasize your individual touch.

Zodiac Libra Fake Tunnels & Studs

The name of the zodiac sign is also part of the scale. Carriages often have a very well-balanced personality and can hardly tolerate conflicts in their immediate environment. They are therefore always striving for balance and harmony. Although both men and women in Libra are often less extroverted, they still value their style and appearance. For this the Libra - earrings are perfectly suitable.

Scorpio Fake Tunnels & Studs

People who are in the star sign Scorpio have a decidedly combative nature. Sometimes they are said to be uncompromising. Everybody knows that they are ready to fight for their goals and to sacrifice themselves. Like all of our zodiac stud earrings, you can also order the Scorpion Fake Plugs in 3 different variations. All our stud earrings are also made of high quality and antiallergic 316L surgical steel. This stainless steel has an extremely smooth surface on which viruses and bacteria can adhere very poorly. This avoids unpleasant inflammations and skin irritation.

Fake Tunnels & Studs for the Sagittarius

Sagittarians are often very honest. With that they sometimes offend people but there are already enough dishonest people in the world, right? Sagittarius fake plugs and ear studs can be found here in the star sign Stud Shop as an astrological symbol, as a starry sky design or as a pictorial motif. Just select your favourite Sagittarius Ear Stud design and get happy.

Star Sign Capricorn Fake Tunnels & Studs

People who were born in the zodiac sign capricorn see their life and the situation often very realistic. Sometimes they shoot something beyond the goal and are sometimes overly pessimistic. Nevertheless Capricorn´s pronounced diligence and its unshakeable sense of reality are very much appreciated by the environment. Also Capricorn Earrings you can order in 3 different design variants. So you also find the most suitable for you ear studs in the zodiac sign Capricorn.