Belly Button Body Jewelry

Belly Button & Naval Piercings

A naval piercing is a truly fantastic way to effectively set off a svelt stomach. Although the exact historical and cultural roots of the belly button piercing are somewhat unclear, what's certain is this kind of piercing is aesthetically brilliant, being one of the most popular kind of piercings to have today. With the immense array of body jewellery available, it's not hard to see why.

Button Beautiful

The origins of this piercing remain a topic of controversy amongst experts. Whilst some believe it to be as old as the ancient Egyptians, when it may have been used to represent masculinity or to have ritual significance, other experts dispute these claims. Either way, there's no denying that this piercing has enjoyed a real leap in popularity since the 1990s. The fact that it's easy to hide this piercing behind clothing - should you ever have to - certainly makes the naval curve not only beautiful, but practical for everyday life, too.

Pierced with Care

Owing to the location, this is one particularly tricky piercing to get done as its success depends heavily on your anatomy. The piercing is usually done vertically, just through the top rim of your belly button. If you're lucky enough to have a particularly svelt, slender figure, you might experience a bit of pain getting this piercing done in comparison to someone whose stomach skin allows for a bit more flexibility. For this piercing, you'll normally be asked to lie down as this not only enables the piercer a better view for conducting their work, but also ensures you'll be OK if you feel a bit nauseous. Once it has been completed, it's important to ensure the piercing is properly cared for.

Naval Body Jewellery Maintenance

Taking care of this piercing to ensure it heals quickly is a little challenging. Owing to the fact your clothes will brush against it, you'll have to be patient and careful with the healing process. Remember to wash the area once a day, at least, and don't be tempted to use heavily fragranted soaps to clean your piercing. Make sure you have a good supply of paper towels to dry the area after cleaning, as normal bath towels are a real hoarding place for bacteria. Be patient, as this piercing can take up to one year to heal correctly. That shouldn't stop you from shopping for your naval jewellery now, though!

Stylish Options

It's usual for your first piece of jewellery to be a curved barbell, as this should allow extra room for any swelling. As soon as you're able to switch your jewellery, though, the choice is immense! Dangling jewels look particularly brilliant in a naval piercing - and they're available in every style, colour and design imaginable. With designs ranging from dream catchers, cupcakes, skulls or even animals, you'll have trouble understanding why anyone would want to hide this piercing under their clothes!

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