Titanium Tunnel

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Titanium Tunnels - robust, stylish and the best choice for allergics

The various styles Flesh Tunnel Shop has to offer also include the classic area of flesh tunnels. Titan made jewellery appears quite premium in look and quality. It actually belongs to the most valuable materials that are included in jewellery manufacturing. Titan features a robust constitution with a relatively light weight at the same time. The material makes titan flesh tunnels enjoyable for allergy sufferers to wear. Whereas you may find some web sources that talk of real titan but just deliver a slim titan based alloy, Flesh Tunnel Shop exclusively sells full-value titan jewels. You can recognize titan by its relatively light weight and the high price. Since titan being one of the most resilient materials, the price definitely can be seen as a good investment into a long-term companion.

Select from our large range of Titanium Flesh Tunnels

At Flesh Tunnel Shop you can select between various kinds of tunnels made of titanium. Most people know and prefer the classic anthracite coloured titanium tunnels but there are also other kinds of ear tunnels made of titanium. For example a lot of our customers prefer silver coloured flesh tunnels made of titanium. These ones are pretty lightweight, robust and stylish. They are also available with a beautifully gemmed rim. The same way you can buy black titanium flesh tunnels in our shop. These ones are also very robust and long-living and like all other titanium flesh tunnels they are available in various sizes.