5mm Flesh Tunnels and Plugs

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5mm Ear Tunnels and Flesh Plugs in 5mm online shop

5mm Flesh Tunnel

With your 5mm earlobe piercing you can select from a much larger range of 5mm tunnels than you used to have with the smaller flesh tunnel sizes. Your earlobe piercing is good on the view now and people can see that you have made a good job with stretching your earlobe piercing. Now it is important that you stay patient when you continue stretching. Don't go too fast with it and don´t skip any millimetre step before you have reached the 10mm size. Just if you go on like this you can look forward to a consistent stretching result. Because 5mm is a standard size you can choose from a large variety of 5mm tunnels and plugs here in our shop. Just browse around in our product selection and choose your favourite 5mm flesh tunnels.