6mm Flesh Tunnels & Plugs

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6mm Ear Tunnels and Flesh Plugs in 6mm - all you need to know

6mm Flesh Tunnel

Tunnels and plugs in 6mm are a really nice intermediate size. If you have reached this size you should stay at 6mm for some time. The histoid of your earlobe will need some time until it is used to the stretching process. Generally speaking you should always wait until the healing process will be completely finished. Only afterwards you should go the next step stretching your ear piercing. While you are "resting" with your 6mm tunnels you can always select some different tunnels and plugs in 6.0mm. We have a large range of 6.0mm tunnels and plugs to offer here in our flesh tunnel shop. There is such a large range of 6mm tunnels available because a lot of people wear this size and so you can get various kinds of 6mm tunnels and plugs made of various different materials.