8mm Tunnel & Plugs

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8mm Flesh Tunnel

8mm tunnels are a very common size. In this size you will find a large range of products. From now onwards you can also continue stretching in 2mm steps. But anyway you should remain patiently to protect the histology of your ear lobe. In the unlikely case that you won´t like your flesh tunnels anymore some day 8mm tunnels are a size where your earlobe piercing can completely grow together again. For this you just need to put smaller flesh tunnels into your earlobe piercing until the tissue will contract again. You should to do this step by step and reduce the diameter in millimeter steps. There are also people who have a good connective tissue. Some of them have made the experience that even larger tunnel sizes can grow together again. But basically we say 8mm tunnels are the largest flesh tunnel size that will be completely regenerative.