Fake Septum Jewelry

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Fake Septum Piercing - cool septum jewelry even without getting your nose pierced

fake septum piercing

If you don´t want to have a real piercing in your nasal septum or if you are just not allowed to get your septum pierced our fake septum piercings will be the best solution for you. They look exactly like a real septum piercing. Nobody who doesn´t know it will see that your septum piercing is just clipped in your nasal septum. We sell a lot of very eye - catching fake septum piercings like the fake septum piercings with rainbow ornament or our fake septum piercings with 4 crystals. If you wear this jewelry at a party you will definitely draw everyone´s attention. If you like it more subtle our classic fake septum piercings will be the right choice for you. You can buy them in silver, gold, black and rose gold and you don´t need any piercing for this jewelry. The rainbow coloured ornament fake septum piercings are also very cool. Theye are a definite eye - catcher. Fake septums having the shape of a horseshoe are also available in a large selection. The same is true for horses. You can buy them in the colours gold, silver and black. But this was said to be just a small insight into our product range. If you want to buy a fake septum piercing you will always find jewelry that fits the best to your style here in our fake septum shop. We always ship your products immediately after your payment is book. This way we make sure that you get your jewelry as soon as possible. If your order is worth more than 25? shipping is free within Germany. If you order from outside Germany shipping is free if your order value is more than 50?.