Septum Retainer

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Septum piercing retainers are mainly used for two purposes. On the one hand, they are best suited as first-time jewelery after your septum has been pierced. On the other hand, they are often used to carry a discreet alternative in the piercing channel for special occasions, such as job interviews or the like. In this way you can hide the piercing so that you can not see it anymore. You can buy different Septum Retainers from us. The sizes 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm are available in the shop. Even if the septum retainers serve rather to be not seen or decent, you can still order them in different colors. They are available here in the septum retainer shop in rose gold, gold and silver.

Septum Retainers - Your subtle septum piercing jewelry

As the name already implies, septum retainers mainly serve to maintain the piercing of the nasal septum. By using the subtle, semi-open piercing ring, it is avoided that the pierced point accrues in the middle cartilage part of the nose, while no piercing is worn. By the insertion of the retainer the growth is avoided and a decent appearance on special occasions, which might be a hindrance to wearing piercings, is assured. However, since the piercing jewelery is not completely invisible through the septum retainer, it has increasingly developed into its own trend in recent years. Many piercing fans wear septum retainers as an independent piercing jewelery for the nose.

Golden and Rosegold Septum Retainers & Hiders - noble and but not intrusive

Septum retainers in the color gold are actually meant to hide the nasal septum piercing, but since they are nevertheless visible a bit especially in the color gold they look extremely stylish without imposing too much. The color gold stands in symbolism for a special kind of warmth and security. With golden retainer - piercing jewelery you will always have a positive charisma. The same is true with our rosegold septum retainers. With its bronze-like, reddish tinge, rosegold even has a much warmer color tone and therefore emphasizes your individual note very well.

Silver Retainers for septums - timeless cool elegance

Silver septum retainers, like their golden counterparts, are particularly elegant. In comparison, silver is even more reserved and discreet. Retainers in silver are also very interesting for people who do not like gold because of its color. In addition, there are very different color and material preferences for the silver septum retainer jewelery as well. For some jewelery holders, silver simply fits better to their style and gold or rose gold is the color of choice for others. With us, you can rely entirely on your taste. We have septum retainers in gold, silver and rose gold in stock. All our septum retainers are made from premium quality 316L surgical steel. This special kind of stainless steel is anti - allergic and therfore perfectly suitable to manufacture piercing jewelry mae of this metal.