Supernova Concept

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Supernova Concept - Quality meets style

You can often see white flesh tunnels and piercings that lack a fine glance and quickly lose their paint. A poor quality is especially sad in relation to the possibilities given. That's why we are highly excited to present you the world first of body piercing jewellery: SUPERNOVA CONCEPT. The idea of SNC combines extraordinary quality and style conscious collections. The surgical steel 316L is covered by a cadmium free IPC colour coating that meets all European health demands for nickel. The coating promises high-end quality and matches recent as well as future trends.

The uniform size of 1,2mm for every screw thread enables you to combine every ball with any straight barbell, circular barbell or other SNC component available. This leads to an easy application and comfortable usage for customers. Well chosen SWAROVSKI crystals make your SNC tunnels stand out in the crowd. The range of numerous crystal colours and five pastel choices help to match your individual style. The colour glance of the Pure White Collection easily exceeds the white you normally get to see. A super smooth surface makes you enjoy your Supernova pieces even more.

Flesh Tunnel Shop belongs to one of a few fortunate online shops where you can get hold of these beauties. Keep track of all the coming collections that will blow your mind and make your friends go mad.