Purple Flesh Tunnels & Plugs

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purple tunnel plugs

Purple is a mixture of the two colours red and blue. Therefore it combines the symbolics of red which stands for love, positive energy and destiny with the characteristics of blue which is basically seen as trustworthy, dependable, and committed. This makes purple perfectly suitable to produce tunnels and plugs in this colour.

Purple & Violet Flesh Tunnels - get in touch with our deeper thoughts

Purple or violet is also the colour to connect with your deeper thoughts. It is a very introspective colour. When you wear violet tunnels you show the people around you that you are not just some superficial person. You make people see that you have some sense for the deeper meaning of the things surrounding you. In our purple tunnel shop we sell many different pieces of jewelry in this colour. You can find dark violet acrylic tunnels with screw as well as purple crystal tunnels which are gemmed with rhinestones. In the same way very popular are our purple glitter tunnels that are covered with epoxy. Our glow in the dark tunnels made of silicone, the golden metallic coloured violet surgical steel tunnels and the classic purple flesh tunnels are at least in the same way popular as the other ones.

Even More Space for Purple than with Tunnels - Violet Flesh Plugs

Purple Plugs offer even more space for motifs on the jewelry or just for the pure beauty of the colour violet. Very popular at the moment are the purple glass plugs, glitter plugs and LED plugs. The glass plugs have a very individual structure that make every piece unique. The acrylic glitter plugs are a beautiful eye catcher as well. They will give your stretched ear lobe piercing a very individual note. This will also be the case with our purple spiral tapers and the fluid plugs. Last but not least check out our violet stone plugs made from amethyst. These are truely beautiful and every piece of jewelry is unique. No matter which flesh tunnels you like the best. We are sure you will find the purple jewelry that will perfectly match to your style and your mood here at flesh tunnel shop.